Transition and a Container

We have had a very busy past 2 weeks here in Honduras with two or our board members, Art and Dick, visiting to help us through an organizational transition.  Just before their arrival, the board chose to dismiss our national director and turn over responsibility for daily operations of the organization to a leadership team of directors and managers here in Honduras.  Safe to safe, we had a series of long days filled with meetings and numerous discussions of organizational structure, planning, objectives, strategy, etc.

The cap to two weeks of relativley intangible strategic planning was the very tangible task of loading and unloading a container of supplies sent from the states, photos below.

Our empty truck on the left, the full container on the right.
From left to right; Don Luis (driver), Don Tino (driver), myself, Alex (pharmacy manager, nurse), & Alexis (area manager), getting ready to move lots of boxes and furniture.

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