3 Months in the Life

So after being away from the blog for the last three months, I thought I would provide a brief recap of some key events:

1) Shoulder to Shoulder inaugurated the new clinic in Concepcion.  Most of the important folks from the states came down and the ceremony, which included the Minister of Health, was quite nice.

2) Shoulder to Shoulder signed a new contract with the Honduran government including the municipality of Concepcion.  We are planning to open the clinic by July 1st.

3) Our previous national director, Leslie, resigned and our new, Honduran national director, Armando, arrived about 2 weeks ago.

4) I was admitted to the doctoral program in political science at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

5) I deferred my admittance at CU Boulder to remain an additional year in Honduras and am now the Director of Health Information Systems for Shoulder to Shoulder.  I will plan to leave Honduras in May of 2011 and begin graduate school that fall.

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