>USA 3, Honduras 2


Last weekend eight of us made the long trip to San Pedro Sula to attend a world cup qualifying match between the United States and Honduras.  We arrived outside of the stadium at about 2:00 pm for a 8:00 pm match; the black market for tickets is so bad in Honduras that large numbers of people are routinely unable to get into the stadium.  We waded through a fair amount of disorder for about 3 hours before finally entering the stadium.  The energy and excitement of the crowd was unbelievable and something I had not felt before.  Honduras had plenty of chances to take hold of the match, including a penalty kick in the last minutes that would have made it 3-3, but in the end the US prevailed.  The following week, with US v. Costa Rica ending in a draw, Honduras qualified for the World Cup for the first time since 1982 by beating El Salvador.  The following day was a national holiday.

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